The TIDAL account isn't valid for use with Roon [Solved]

I’m running Roon server on a Windows 10 PC. I’ve read the faq and this particular error seems to be unique, “The TIDAL account isn’t valid for use with Roon”. I can log onto Tidal with my browser with the same username and password I was trying to use on Roon. If it means just what it says, that my account isn’t valid for use with Roon, what type of Tidal account do I need that would be valid with Roon? I am paying $19.99 a month to Tidal for their “premium” account. It is not a trial account. What type of account should I have instead?

Hi Mark,
I’ve never heard of this arising before. Where are you located geographically ? Let’s leave a notification for @jeremiah to see if he can shed any light on it.

Thank you for your reply. I am located in Denver, Colorado USA. I have some more information. I think it may be a Tidal issue, not Roon. When I log on with my browser I get right in with no error but when I click their subscriptions button it says I have no subscription. My Sonos however logs in just fine and plays music from Tidal. I have contacted Tidal and sent them a copy of my latest payment voucher and am awaiting their response. I wonder if I have two accounts, possibly one for the expired trial and another one once I went live. Please hold off on contacting Jeremiah until I hear back from Tidal. It might turn out to be a good error message to add to Roon’s archive for future users. I will post this to the forum, too.
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Pretty sure you have two accounts. Something similar happend to me. Did a trial when they launched, but opted out before the end of the trial. Now several months later I reactivated my subscription with my password through their site and got 2 payment confirmations. Reactivating creates a second account and does not actually reactivate your trial account.

Contacted customer support and apparently this is a known bug with Tidal, but they were very helpful and fixed it right-away.

Maybe this is also what happend to you.

Thanks @Mark_Edwards and @allineedis , as you will have seen Mark the notification works automatically using the @ syntax, so Jeremiah will look in.

Fortunately, however it sounds like the issue may be resolved with Tidal, and he may not have much to do. It is definitely worth knowing about for future reference.

Incidentally I asked about geography on the off-chance that you may have been travelling somewhere that caused copyright issues to arise, but Colorado probably wouldn’t mean that. Nevada however …

The issue is resolved; please close the topic. I do indeed have two accounts, one is active and one is not. I was unknowingly trying to log into the non active account. The error message really didn’t give me a clue at first but maybe others in the future will get this message and save some time. Thank you for your help and quick response. I’m looking foward to getting to know Roon now.
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