The ultimate NUC core?

New NUC next year

It’s not available yet, it’s also pricey but not compared to a Nucleus. Sounds like it will take the strain on the heating bill as well :slight_smile:

Bet it’s a noisy one and passive/quiet cooling would likely prove extremely challenging…

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The big takeaway -

Yeah, nestled at the end there. Might soon be time to get a spare board cheap somewhere. If they’re discontinued then the price gouging commences…

Seriously running a MOCK is far better value, especially on older hardware. I just scored 3 x i5-7400 setups which can run ROCK no issues at all (at least while rock is in its current build) and assuming Roon continues to support DIY NUCs I’m hoping the other board platforms that use intel chipsets should still continue to work, or you just run Linux and off you go with RoonServer.

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I posted is a curiosity in truth, it’s a pretty extreme package isn’t it? I’m a Linux core on a NUC user myself, I don’t like ROCK’s insistence on having the M2 disk to itself. Giving you a like for sensible advice :slight_smile:

Actually even a SATA SSD is quite OK for most users…but I do use the smallest M.2 drives I can find (128GB mostly)

The other thing that ROCK is great for is an endpoint that can supply HDMI connections or USB to where a Raspberry Pi is either not workable or hard to source. Some motherboards even have SPDIF/TOSLINK outputs too. Just dont authorise the core. And make sure to do updates via the reinstall in the GUI :sunglasses:

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Corrected for clarity?

Better I hope

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In case anyone is interested, NUC11s have been added to the official ROCK compatibility list

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nice but what is it and where can you get one?

Links please :slight_smile:

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