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My last vinyl purchase was when I was on holiday in France and bought Geogaddi by Boards of Canada, in about 1998.
Once I retire I’ll fire my turntable up in my office. Meanwhile my vinyl is just part of the furniture.


Ah, yes. I remember that horror story. Who could forget?

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Tel will probably be cross with me if I heart your post :sweat_smile: But damn…

Tel, what have you done mate? :sweat_smile:

I likewise dont have the heart to “heart” it either but I must have missed that…jeez!

I would not be bothered about the wardrobe, always a good excuse for some new clothes but records?
I mean really?

Surely that would be close to reasonable provocation mulord!

I would have left fish under screwed down floorboards….


@ged_hickman1 I had a friend who was so into Boards of Canada we called him Boards of Ben. Then he had a kid . . . wonder what he’s up to.

One of the things I have been noticing is the artists releasing their vinyl and putting custom art in their pressings.

This is a 5LP set and the back side of LP5 is art.

Tool recently released Fear Innoculum as a multi disk LP release with the A side being music (2 tracks each) and the B side being hand signed art.

It was $800+ and met some angry reviews though.

Anyone else noticing that trend as well?


Mines in a temporary place till I convert a double garage. Room for new vinyl is in short supply.
I have more downstairs that fills all the boxes and more.


The initial asking price for the box set was insane! :rofl:

Now it’s gone down to about £160.


Better but still a bit insane. IMO.


To be fair, there are not a lot of Tool albums released on vinyl and for a die hard fan (not me), £160 will not be a problem if it’s a good quality box set.


I have a few “new” releases that are now 3 sides of music and one side of either picture or laser etching.


I think this Tool box set is a bit of a "pee"take (don’t want to be censored :upside_down_face: ) - 5 discs with only one one side each playable.

The most expensive box I ever purchased was Metallica’s awesome 30th anniversary box set for the black album. That thing is a beast! Paid £200 for it.


They make some long tracks and I am sure that if the quality of the pressing is there they will sound amazing.

Wrong thread to say this, but I bought them all on 24/96 remasters and felt pretty good about that as well.

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I just looked up that box set. £200 Is not that bad for all that comes in the Metallica set.

True, but put some on side B too :slight_smile: Why only use side A for music and B for etching. To me this makes zero sense.

I guess this is more of a collectible item for die hard fans.


Can’t argue with that to be fair.

Told you it’s a beast. Several vinyl records, cd’s, dvd’s, guitar picks, a lanyard, access cards, lyric sheets and this gorgeous and super heavy hard cover book.


I looked at that in FYE( a USA music/DVD store) and thought…jeez that’s spendy.
Then I looked at content.
Ok…it might have to go home with me after all…lol.


Trust me Kevin, it’s a great box set and you won’t regret it. The SQ of the black album remaster is superb and it sounds huge!

This is one of my all time favourite albums and was a no brainer when they announced the pre-order.

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