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seen, and raised.


The Roon Community is filled with people who just love tubes. My one experience with a tubed phono preamp went like this:

Visiting a good friend who told me how great his new tubed phono preamp sounds. We go up to his listening room and he fires up the stereo.
Everything gets warmed up and he puts an LP on the turntable and it sounds terrible. Very low output with lots of distortion. My friend tells me that one of the tubes must be going bad. He then spends a bit of time messing around with some tubes and we end up listening to some CDs.

This experience only served to confirm my decision to go all solid state. :sunglasses:

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I have two tube amps, and both have been largely trouble free. I need to replace a few power tubes every two years or so, but that’s it. assuming you buy quality tubes, from reputable sources, and the underlying design and build quality are comparable, there’s really very little to worry about.

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Just remember NEVER to clean any tubed equipment with a damp cloth. :wink:

By the way, I know this from experience. Well, not me but a friend who was house sitting decided to clean the audio equipment. Hot tube met damp cloth and pow! She spent the next few days frantically searching for a replacement tube. I don’t remember if a replacement was ever found.

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Not listened to this on vinyl in a long time


I assume this was because the valve was hot so thermal shock.
Always keep spares.:+1:


@RBO & @Michael_Harris
I use these and have done for eons.

Box is 10 sets of 50 inner sleeves.


Not bad either but on the pricier side. I’ve got about 20 of them.

Got these to try , was given this sample pack by the guy who owns the record cleaner company.

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I got a discount as I bought enough for 4000 l.p’s.

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Wow :scream: thas a lot

I have been using what @RBO recommended and I need another pack. They are pretty cheap and are working well so far. Only time will tell though.

They are excellent, I clean the record then use these sleeves inside the original sleeve the record comes with. They are anti static, and do not split over time as some of the cheaper Chinese made c**p do.
Cannot remember how long since they started making them but it is many many years, not had one split ever.

Another thing I have been using for decades are these

vpi 17


Where do you get them?

Get what ? sleeves, A.T. ,zerostat or vpi?

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Ha ha yes so much. I meant the inner sleeve I meant :grin:

My local hifi dealer at the time but that was years ago. 2004 ish dealer no longer there.
I haven’t reached 4000 records……yet :grinning:

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Ah I thought that was too last you 6 months :rofl:
But then I thought I was in discussions with @AceRimmer :scream:

He is around the same number as me I think , 3000+ ish, no doubt he will be able to confirm.

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I have a serious amount of catching up to :flushed:.
But don’t plan on trying very hard. I am quite happy with my mix of vinyl, digital download and CD’s
Still I have added about 30 Vinyl in the last 3 months and plan to continue at a slow but steady rate.

That is a higher rate per month than me for vinyl only, 55years or so of buying rather than your 3 months, but that does not include count of C.D’s and cassettes though.

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