Thelonious / clark pictures

wrong picture…

but he should be sonny clark

@Niccolo_Terzi I’ve just checked our images for Thelonious Monk and that picture is not there; and we don’t actually have an image for Sonny Clark. Are you sure these are not both edits on your part?

Hi Joel,

That’s the pic I have for Sonny Clark and it says it’s from Roon. My pic of Thelonious Monk is correct.

Cheers, Greg

I get them correctly

yes, they are not my edit

note: i do not use tidal.

It could be that TiVo had some incorrect images when you first imported content by these artists. At the moment, the only correction is a manual edit; but thanks for letting us know.

Not bothering to fix this, huh?

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amazing, isn’t it?

Yes…a major artist like him…
I went to google images.