There is a lot of money involved and it would be nice if artists also benefited more

Google headlines in Germany:

An IPO of a special kind enriches the offerings for investors from this Tuesday on. The French entertainment and media group Vivendi is bringing its subsidiary Universal Music to the market. More than ever, the stock exchange can now say that “there’s music in it”, because before Universal Music was only available as part of the broad-based Vivendi group. In future, however, the world’s largest music group will be a value in its own right for investors.

Universal Music celebrates a brilliant stock market debut in Amsterdam

It would be nice if more went to the artists as well.

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Buy music, don’t rent/stream it. Bandcamp is a good place to start.


That’s a good approach, but not everyone can put a lot of money into their hobby and if only 1.5 of the nearly 8 billion people had a $10 subscription, that would be $15 billion in one month. More than was previously earned from sales in the whole year. The only thing that’ s wrong is the split. The money stays with Warner, Universal, Sony.

Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify and the artists are finding it much harder to make ends meet because the argument is still that production costs are far too high. The costs for physical products (vinyl, CD, cassette) are actually higher by a factor of 9.

But Bandcamp, Qobuz & Co. will not determine the market. The bearskin is and will remain distributed.

Universal-Music-Boersengang-begins-with-high-course-jump is in German, but quickly translated with Google or Deepl.

Final sentence from UMG’s European boss Frank Briegmann:
The company has shown that musical content is valuable and stable in value.

If that also helps the artists later on, let’s leave it at that :wink:

So far, we have been discussing that the value of music is increasing for corporations and customers. If this is also true for the artists soon, we are on the right path with streaming and are welcome to continue buying.