There is a phenomenon of importing only a portion of album data stored in a music file

I want to know about two cases as follows.

The first is when my saved album information is cut off after the comma. (Jacqueline Du Pre)

The second is when only a part of the album information is stored. (KARAJAN)

Do you need any restrictions or rules on album information, etc.?

I think Roon does process the “CD01” information but will not use it for the Album Title. Instead, it will use it as an indicator for the disc number of the set. If you happen to have “CD02” in your collection too, that disc would then get shown as a second disc under the same “Greatest Recording” album. It’s the box set logic of Roon kicking in here.

I’m not sure I understand this part of the issue. Are you missing some information for the artist field? It could be that the text is just not shown because there’s no more space in the edit window.

I have an estimate like u_gee. If so, the two cases I’ve raised are the same thing.

I would like to know from ROON technical support what rules ROON has when it gets its metadata.

As in the above case, ‘CD01, CD02 …’ is to exclude such information or it may be different.

This is because users may need metadata that they use to manage their physical libraries.

For example, in the case of a set album, if all the sets have the same album name and the ‘Disk number’ is in the metadata, and if the album is not merged and multiple sets of the album are selected and exported, ROON will be displayed in the artist folder as an album name Folders are created in the form of ‘Album Name (##)’ regardless of Disk Number when creating Folder.

At this time, it is inconvenient because the folder name and disk number do not match.