There was a problem loading your database

Using Roon ROCK on Intel NUC i3 Gen 8

ROCK connected by Ethernet

Main playback device is Lindemann Network

10000 tracks in library mostly today about 1000 local tracks on external USB

I have had ROCK working for 2 years but yesterday swapped out my Intel Case for a Fanless one. All seemed to go ok and when I opened the app it found Rock however would not load database or find devices. I tried forcing a new database build etc but nothing happened. I then reset the database and thought this fixed everything as the artists from local USB and Tidal all loaded and the Lindemann showed in playback devices. However when I went to search for an artist the system hung with the loading logo. I then selected an album directly and the same thing happened. I closed the app on my Mac and opened it again and the message “there was a problem loading your database” cropped up.

I suspect it is a hardware issue however not sure if it is RAM, SSD or something else, Is there any way of telling?

Did you put new thermal paste on the CPU die to the new chassis face? maybe the cpu is doing thermal shutdown

reseat all the M.2 and RAM boards too

Hi - yes I did add thermal paste but will assemble again and ensure I have put in enough, and reseat everything

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