There was an error checking for an update - help!

Roon Core Machine

IMac 3.2ghz 6 core intel core i7, 32gb ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Virgin Media Hub 3 ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Marantz NR1608 receiver HDMI
IPAD wifi

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I fairly frequently get an error message that “There was an error checking for an update” and when it happens the identify album function doesn’t work and on playback, Roon can just skip through the tracks and i have to select play more than once for the tracks to play instead of skipping through. I Have searched the community and saw a suggestion to check this link:
Well when i do i get the following message:
Safari Can’t Open the Page “”. The error is “Load Cannot follow more than 20 redirections” (:0)

I’m guessing this is an internet/router problem but i’ld really appreciate any advice on the cause and potential fix for this problem.

just sayin’ that 700K+ tracks is probably pushing it for any imac

You dont indicate what version of Roon you have installed either

I suggest you give us more details on the network setting like DNS numbers might offer some clues.

Thanks for reponding

Yeah i know the track count might appear an obvious culprit but wouldn’t this message I’m getting when i try to go to through safari be unaffected by my roon installation and suggest there’s an internet/router/dns problem?

Safari Can’t Open the Page “”. The error is “Load Cannot follow more than 20 redirections” (:0)

One thing to point out on the Mac is it has 32 mb of ram

the roon installation is 1.8 build 898

The DNS numbers on my mac are and

I have wondered if it might be something upstream with my router

Well for the record you are on the current roon release so there is no update…so don’t sweat that bit for now

not sure what that updates link is but the way to update roon is in the settings | about screen - if an update is available it will show there

The message “there was an error checking for an update” appears on the screen you’ve shared instead of “you have the latest version”

This message is intermittent nut when it appears, i experience the other problems mentioned

By the way, it’s a mini mac with 32mb ram that i have rather than an imac. sorry about typo although i think the issues is quit possibly a router problem given the funny message i get trying to surf on safari to the updates page (or it may indeed be a database size issue)

Any other thought welcome!

Do you have any vpn installed and running or perhaps some firewall/antivirus that could be in play here?

I’ve run roon and roon server on many platforms and don’t have any issues.

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