There was an issue loading the database

Roon Core Machine

Ubuntu VM on an ESXi hypervisor, solid state storage.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All wired, variety of switches, draytek router.

Connected Audio Devices

Lots of USB and mobile outputs, dCS Rossini player.

Number of Tracks in Library

1500 albums (don’t know tracks and can’t check as explained below)

Description of Issue

For a while now, Room has become steadily less and less reliable. Searching takes an eternity, the entire system often freezes, wiping queues from playing zones and other generally frustrating hinderances.
Finally tonight, after rebooting in an attempt to reduce these issues (as I often do), Roon has not come back as expected but has stated that there was an issue loading the database and that I should contact support.

Please advise me to the next steps.

Many thanks,

Not support but…
It sounds like you might have a corrupt database.

Have you been keeping backups?

If so could you try to restore one from say a couple of weeks ago?

I’ve only got backups from a while ago since it stopped making them and I haven’t got round to revisiting it. Thanks for the suggestion though, if worst comes to worst I may have to rewind a bit.

Might not be a bad idea to go back a bit as you say it’s slowly been getting worse so if it is corruption in the DB going back further may help.

However it could also be a sign of a hardware failure, maybe the SSD.

That’s why restoring a back up would be a useful next step IMHO.

It’s late here in the UK so I thought I’d put out a post in hope of some response but might try that tomorrow. Although… I don’t what to overwrite the perhaps corrupted DB nor do I think its simple to restore given I can’t get past this ‘There was an issue loading your database’ screen.
I highly doubt hardware failure since I’m using redundant datacenter grade SSDs and no other VMs of ESXi are having issues.

Thanks for that link Peter. The disk space isn’t low but I provisioned some more for safety knowing that that can cause issues and rebooted the server. It’s working now. There’s still the issues of slow search etc but its once again usable.

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