There was an issue loading your database 2

Hello Support,
Just got this message, and instructed to report it here (“let you know”. (From another post it looks like that re-installing the software may help, but I have yet to do that.

I am not sure of the version of Roon as I cannot access the About menu.
OS is Windows 10 Home, 64-bit
Device is a Lenovo H535S desktop with 6GB RAM and AMD A8-6500 CPU.
Music is store on Synology Diskstation DS-214se NAS. Desktop connects via wi-fi to router; the NAS is connecting to the router via first a Netgear Switch, then a Powerline adapter.
Collection size is close to 40,000 tracks

Description of issue.
I a getting “There was an issue loading your database” when starting Roon. The desktop has been off for about 7 days.

the NAS hsa DSM 6.0.2-8451 Update 5 installed. Update 6 is available but I have yet to install.

Many thanks

Hi Peter,

Roon Support will be along shortly to help and the information you have provided will greatly assist.

That error message may mean that the Roon database cannot be used.

A few more questions if I may.

Have you made many edits to metadata or genres or created many playlists in Roon ? Have you added many Artist or Album pictures ? If not, then a database problem may have less impact.

If you have spent some time grooming your collection so that starting again would be inconvenient, have you taken a backup of your database ? There are instructions how to do that in this KB page.. Remember to shut down Roon before taking a backup. This is why Time Machine is an inadequate backup tool for Roon.

Do you recall having a bad shutdown of the computer running Roon ? That can sometimes result in this warning.

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Hi andybob,

Many thanks for your response.

To answer your questions …

I have recently made edits to metadata on file level using an application called Mp3tag, but I have not created any playlists in Roon, nor added new artists or album pictures. In other words, all grooming has taken place outside the Roon database.

I have not taken a backup of the Roon database at all, but I can understand why this may be of importance, and will look into doing this going forward. (In this particular case, I cannot see that the loss will be too much if we are talking about a re-installation).

I have since upgrading to 1607 of Windows 10 experienced many more “bad” shutdowns than before. Applications (including Roon) will suddenly freeze and only a restart will make the desktop operational again. I think these shutdowns were caused by driver incompatibility and recently there have been much less of them (i.e. less than once a week). And I do not think the last one before this error message opped up was one of them.


Thanks Peter,

The file level metadata edits aren’t dependant on the database so will survive any fresh database restart.

I’d suggest saving a copy of your current database just in case (name it possiblybad or something similar, so you know it’s problematic).

If you move the database to another location Roon will rebuild it (and that means analysing your library again) but in view of the bad shutdowns you have referred to I’d suggest reinstalling Roon afresh, just to avoid the possibility that somehow damage to the Core is affecting the database.

Hi @peterks — Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. I would like to gather some logs from you so our developers can have a closer look at what may have happened here. I will be contacting you via PM momentarily with instructions.

Lastly, if you would like to test with a fresh DB while we exam your logs I have provided the procedure below for your consideration.

  1. Make a backup of your current DB using the procedure listed here. Once your backup has been created save it in safe location.

  2. Navigate back to your Roon folder.

  3. Rename it to something like Roon_old

  4. Reinstall Roon from our website.

  5. Log in, and add your Watched Folders back.


Hi Peter,
I suspect your unexpected shutdowns may have done something to your Roon db.

Like you, I also do all edits outside of Roon. This means I don’t mind blowing away and reloading if absolutely necessary. That said, it rarely is necessary.

You probably need to take care of the crashes on the machine asap.

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@ncpl Thanks Nick,
I will see whether I can get the carshes sorted as well. Just tried to reinstall all audio and DAC drivers. Keeping my fingers crossed.

@Eric. Thank you Eric,
I will do that.

@ncpl @andybob @Eric
Hi Eric, Nick and Andrew
Just backed up the non-working version of Roon and re-installed, and I now have music again. Thank you for your assistance.
Do let me know if you find anything interesting in the log files.
Many thanks
Kind regards,


Hi @peterks ----- Thank you for the follow up and the update. Glad you’ve got music back :loud_sound: :thumbsup: