There was an issue loading your database (2014 Mac Mini) [Resolved]

2014 Mac Mini (just reinstalled the os)
8tb external drive with my music files. I’m certain i blew up my database while moving some files around. I tried to delete all roon folders as well as the application. I then rebooted, reinstalled Roon and still no joy. Help please! @support

Hey @Kevin_Dunn – sorry for the trouble here. Do you have a backup of your Roon database?

Are you trying to preserve what was in your database (like your edits, play history, etc) or are you just trying to start fresh?

I’m fine with a fresh start. Don’t really care about losing play counts and that kinda stuff. I don’t have a database backup. Going forward I sure will!

Ok, just delete (or rename) the Roon folder, as described here under Database Location.

This fixed it. Thank you so much.