There was an issue loading your database - after electricity black out

Roon Core Machine

I am using QNAP as Roon core and using IMAC to operate

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router is Linksys Mesh 6

Connected Audio Devices

Naim unity

Number of Tracks in Library

Over 30K tracks

Description of Issue

Hi. I am running Roon on QNAP server and after an electricity black out a few days ago, I have problem starting Roon, the message is

“There was an issue loading your database.”

Please help

Any database backups you could try to restore from?
this might help:

or this:

Thanks for your advice.
From the Finder on my iMac, I can locate all file from my QNAP NAS server and all the music files are there, it’s just the Room App cannot communicate with the NAS, please advise what I should be.
Thanks very much.

Can you try re-starting the Roon server on the QNAP. there might have been a comm error or something during the outage. I am not familiar with how Roon gets installed on QNAP NAS so not sure what could be the issue. Might need to wait for a support person or someone with more QNAP background to respond.

Does Roon not start at all or do you just get an error? If possible try going into settings/storage to see if the storage location is still there. Try either disabling it and re-enabling the storage location, or adding it back in if it is missing.

I did reboot the NAS and render the same result.
Roon start when I turn on my IMAC but shows up with error message like such,
Don’t know what can be done here.

Hey @Frederick_Tam,

I am petrified that we missed your post about an issue like this one — please, accept my deepest apologies.

It’s been quite some time since you let us know of the power outage and how it affected you. I was wondering, is this something you’re still experiencing? Can we help at all? :nerd_face: