There was an issue loading your database. And thus Roon stopped and sulked [Solved]

There was an issue loading your database
appeared when I turned on roon yesterday
No obvious change to setup
Tidal streaming fine
JRiver playing fine from external hard drive
Restored computer to before last apple update
Haven’t tried uninstalling & reinstalling Roon yet

roon recently updated but no idea of version as it will not load
windows 8.1 Pro
most music on usb3 attached external drive

Thanks for advice

Not that I can help but you’ve just reminded me to do a back-up…


Re backup - don’t forget to quit roonserver/core first. (Just in case you weren’t aware)

Luckily I get a “file cannot be accessed error” if I forget to stop the core as I probably forget about 50% of the time!


Uninstalling Roon
Restarting Windows
Reinstalling Roon
I got to play music again and as if by magic all my old favourites reappeared seemingly intact.

Given this do I need to backup and if so how does one do this?

Pleased to hear it’s working again for you. Instructions about backing up the database can be found in this FAQ.