"There was an issue loading your database" help [resolved]

I recently get this message now on my Mac Mini and can’t use Roon (Core). I’ve been using 1.3 since it’s release with no problems. This happened out of the blue with no changes in my configuration. Library is stored on the Mac Mini hard drive, running El Capitain. Did a quick search but didn’t find this specific issue, thanks!

I have seen this message when there was not enough disk space, presumably for the old DB and the one being rebuilt to temporarily co-exist. Not saying it’s your problem but worth checking.

This is usually the result of a dirty shutdown causing db corruption. Best thing to do is to restore a backup failing which you can stop Roon, delete the database and restart Roon to rebuild the db.

Thanks guys, I’ll look into of these

Hi @Mark_S ---- just touching base with you here, to see if any progress was made with the suggestions made by both Tony and Evan.

Let me know if further assistance is needed and I will be glad to lend a hand. Just drop a flag for me “@Eric” or support “@support”.


Thanks Eric, i had a sec at lunch to check the storage issue, but that’s definitely not it, I have several hundred GB’s of space left on the HD, tonight I’ll look into what Evan suggested.

@Eric No luck, well at least that i can figure out. Where is the Roon database file? The Roon folder in my Music folder is empty (I’ve never done a backup). I’m attempting a backup now but not sure what will actually happen, also should I store the backup in the Roon folder or somewhere else?

Problem seems to have been fixed. I created a backup, quit Roon, on restart it asked me to select the core (Mac Mini) and then loaded the library normally

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@Mark_S — Thank you for the follow up and sharing the results from your testing. I am very pleased to hear things have stabilized.

If any other issues come up, drop me a line on community and I will jump in to offer some help :sunglasses: Happy listening!


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