"there was an issue loading your database" Mac Mini

Room installed on a Mac Mini late 2012, running El Capitan. @support


A man of few words I see Jeff, but the more information the better.

Have a look here and perhaps consider giving some more details.


It’s Roon Version 1.2 (build 165) stable 64 bit

Running on a mac mini 6,1 2.5ghz i5
16 GB memory installed.

I had successfully run on a MacBook Pro, but I decided to try it out in our listening room on the Mac Mini.

Had just installed the program and let it run, and then upon a restart the loading database error occurred.


Did you move the database over from the MacBook or from a backup?

If it’s a clean install, perhaps try to reinstall to see what happens.


It was a clean install, and I tried to drag the Roon software in the applications folder and replace it, but the problem persists.


I’m no expert but it sounds like a corrupt database. Delete the folder Roon or Roon server from your hard drive and do a full install.


I had to trash the roon folders in the Library as well. Now I’ve reinstalled and it is finding music!