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Following message appears when I attempt to launch Roon, “There was an issue loading your library”, submitted zip file of RAATServer. Please help!

Your library has, more than likely, been corrupted.

Do you have Backups?

I can’t find one, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. This is my dad’s computer, and I’m trying to help him, and know nothing about what I’m doing. I did post a RAATServer log Zip file under his name, but I’m not sure who it went to…

I really want to talk to tech support, but my dad says that is not how this works (it has to go to the community).

Try and follow the troubleshooting guide for that issue:

If you need more information about Roon backups, read:

Apparently he has no backup. He has no recollection of being prompted to setup a backup schedule upon first becoming a member or installing Roon on his computer. Is there anything that can be done?

Only the obvious: Start all over again with a fresh database. All edits, Roon playlists, Roon tags, … are gone without a backup to restore.

Once you do set everything up all over again, do your dad a favor and set up some backup schedules for him by using Settings==>Backups.

New information. My dad tried to “migrate” Roon and Roon Bridge to a new computer, and then when he tried to open Roon on this computer (where Roon was installed originally), he started getting that error message at the beginning of this string. Any ideas.

Not a clue without knowing what your dad has done (exactly). Did he follow the migration guide? Does Roon run on the new computer?

I guess he’s not big on following guides. An icon for Roon shows up on the new computer, but it goes to nowhere. When you double-click on it, the computer can’t find Roon.exe.

How does a person get tech support, so they can talk to a live person?

Is the Roon Log of any use here? I did create a zip file…

What about the new computer where he tried to move it to, does roon run there?


I really feel with your frustration, but unfortunately, that’s not how Roon support works, since it’s too small a team.
I have no ideas that could help you, other than pinging @support, so feel free to ignore the rest of my post…


I shake my head in disbelief about people who choose to ignore the readily available documentation to then demand instant assistance in person to fix their mess.

I just had to get rid of this, otherwise…


My previous work was two computers in a wifi network. No problem. But this time, in my thoughtless maneuver, I approached the migration in the same fashion as before. And the music file is now corrupted. Current file path is Spectrum cable, Spectrum modem, Spectrum router, Netgear switch, two computers. My present question is is it easier to attempt to find the ‘corrupt file’ or just reenter the music from the folder on my hard drive?

There’s no finding the corrupt file. It’s the entire Roon library that has corruption somewhere in its structure. It’s more than just reentering your music files. I’m not even sure what you mean by that.

At this point, you should just start all over (after you read the appropriate doc). By starting all over, I mean you should delete the Roon database and reinitialize a new one. Then follow the migration doc referred to in a prior post.

Look at this KB article to find the database location.

Good luck.

In the expanded version of your reply you reference MacOS as important in your suggested method to help resolve this catastrophe. I am running pc, Intel, on both computers. Do you have references for pc?
“What I mean by that” is for the time being, just ignoring the corruption on computer one and work on computer two by downloading a noncorrupted music folder into Roon. The obvious problem is in order to do that would I be required to buy another life membership in Roon?

Just to keep the record straight, I made some horrific mistakes and I am awash in fear and anxiety that I might repeat. That may show up as overly done in references, wordiness, circumlocutions etc., as I try to be careful not to screw up again.