There was and issue loading your database


I got the error “There was an issue loading your database” after an upgrade to 1.3.
I am on Windows 10 64 bit. The DB is on the local HD, and I have TIDAL account linked.

I can rename the Roon directory and recreate the DB, however I need to restore my original DB.

I browsed the forums and it does not seem that there is a general solution to the problem.

Let me know how to send the logs so you can look into the issue.


that message generally implies a dirty shutdown and resultant db corruption. Options are 1) restore from backup or 2) delete DB and restart Roon to have it regenerate.

Hi @George_Emilov – I’d like to get a look at the logs folder from your original database, which displayed the error.

Could you zip up the whole folder and send me a Dropbox link? Instructions are here.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble!