There's a reason he's the Chief

Linking to @crieke’s post on ARM Device Case Envy:

This is my approach of my low audiophile audioplayer.

It has a 2W audio amp inside. Unfortunately the screen interface is currently a mockup and I hope to be able to do something nice when the Roon API is ready…

Makes you wonder what else is tucked away in the Fingal’s cave he calls his workshop.


Well, I did not built this originally as a Roon Endpoint…
I hope nobody is disappointed now. :wink:

There are currently just portafilter espressomchines in my workshop (=my apartment),
But I am considering something new and audio related.

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Nothing wrong with a few naked portafilters in the house. Espresso porn anyone? I really miss that site…maybe it’s back…better check

It lives again sorta

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@wizardofoz: This movie is for you. From my own portafilter machine, with bad settings:


There are a few things in life that are hard to beat. Good coffee, wine, music and hifi. Not necessarily in that order. Oh and a wonderful wife doesn’t go amiss either especially if she is in on the rest. I have no complaints.

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You heard the man Christopher. All we want is a Roon endpoint/coffee machine/wine fridge. How hard can it be ?

Must be that time of the day but I can’t seem to upload a video. Maybe after my coffee…hmm had to do it the hard way

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