Thin Lizzy anomalies in my library

In my library on Thin Lizzy, first I my albums by Thin Lizzy show. Next category isn’t the Tidal albums. Instead it’s albums “ with” Thin Lizzy and under that comes the Tidal albums. What’s up with the “ with” albums. Also I noticed that the album “ Nightlife” was missing though I know I have it. Not in any of the three categories. But it was clickable in the review for “Jailbreak”. Clicking it and it appeared as it was in my library. ( couldn’t ad it).

Also, there are only two members listed. John Sykes and Vivian Campbell. Not really important members. Strange…

It gets worse. The “ Jailbreak” album in my library is the Tidal version. My ripped version is not available as a version even though I checked if it was on my NAS.
Looking at Phil Lynott, under his solo albums both “ Nightlife” and two versions of “ Jailbreak” shows. Including my rip of “ Jailbreak”.

Amazing!! Everything I said was wrong on my Thin Lizzy page is now fixed​:+1::+1: