Things are getting better

Just wanted to give credit where credit is due.

Over the last month I have had very little issues with roon restarting or crashing my iPhone.

Way to go roon team!!!


I can confirm. Not gone completely but a bit less for sure.

As I only use iPad or PC, that issue didn’t affect me. But I’m so happy for you!! Happy listening. My only crashing apparently was caused by having Google Chrome Beta 64 bit running at the same time. I uninstalled that, now rum the stable version, and voila, problem solved.

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Me too. Phew! seems like bau on my iPhone XS.

Wish I could say the same about my windows remote. Crashes quite frequently when clicking on something. Used to run rock solid on 1.7 and never had a single crash in 4 years. Hopefully 795 release helps with this.

Good to see they have improved iOS will make my partner happier as it was driving her nuts the constant crashing.

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