Thinking about buying a Bluesound node

Thinking about buying a Bluesound node. Right now, I’m using a raspberry pi/hifiberry. If I use a blue sound, can I still get any sort of display when playing Roon on my TV using a chrome cast? I’m a little unclear how the Roon app interacts with the blue sound and my stereo. I’d like to be able to use this to stream Neil Young archives as well as Roon. Can anyone explain to me before I pick this up whether I will be able to still take advantage of the roon display? Does the blue sound app have capabilities of broadcasting any sort of video as well? I really like having the display on my TV when the music plays.

Also, I’m interested in any input people have. This will not be connected by Wi-Fi, but by Ethernet.


Peter yes you can display to any Chromecast device while using a Bluesound device.
As to Neil Young,I’m not sure about that, if you have an iphone you can use Airplay.

When I had by Bluesound I used a Chromecast audio to feed one of the optical inputs and that worked great for the Bandcamp from my Android phone.

Neil young archives specifically recommends Bluesound. I think it is a source the app recognizes


There you go then it should be perfect.
I took my Bluesound out of service before I knew about that or I would probably have done a trial. They have plenty of interesting integrations for Bluesound as well as the usual suspects.