Thinking of system update

For the past 6 months i’ve enjoyed Roon using a Pi4 with a Schiit Modi 3. Recently I’ve been looking at improving the DAC and streamer performance from a sound perspective. There’s so much stuff out there its impossible to make a decision and not wonder if its the correct one. Today I like the idea of the SOtM SMS-200 Neo with the Denafrip Ares ll. Who know how I’ll feel tomorrow. What say you?

As someone who has been pretty close to digital evolution, I’d say that the difference between digital front ends is TINY compared to differences in speakers. If you have money to spend, and can afford or are able to upgrade your speakers, you’ll get a lot bigger bang for your buck there.



I couldn’t agree more. Speakers are in place. Beolab 50 active spkrs from B&O. I really like PS Audio, but not convinced these components are much more than digital transports.