Third option to add to favorite and ban to indicate keeping track in collection


I would like to request the addition of a third option to favorite and ban for tracks. This could be called something like ‘keep’ or ‘collection’ and have it’s own symbol (maybe a tick). As I add albums to my library I want to be able to know which tracks I have already listened to and decided to keep (so not banned), but which are also not ‘favorite’ tracks. The empty heart (default) option doesn’t give me this information - it just indicates that a track hasn’t been marked as a favorite or banned.

Given the lack of this option I have created a tag called ‘collection’ which I add to all tracks I have listened to and decided to keep in my library, but as it’s much simpler to toggle between ‘empty heart’, favorite and ban in apps, I would rather not have to open the tag view as there are four separate clicks involved in adding any tag and it becomes cumbersome after a while.