Third Party Developers

Is there any intention for Roon to support Third Party development? If so, could we have a category for this. Also could I register - I’ve written a few UPnP control points for iOS, Android, Windows and Pronto - mainly for the Linn DS range.



We are going to look into this once our launch calms down a bit…

UPnP works radically different to what we do internally. Our protocol is thousands of messages, carefully tuned for performance. There is a reason why nothing like Roon has existed before… UPnP and similar protocol concepts lead to pretty poor experiences.

That said, we are tinkerers ourselves, and want to see with people come up with.

So this is on our roadmap…

Thanks @danny Fully understand that - you’ve a great V1 product, keep up the momentum. As you say the audio is the easy bit (& even that is pretty hard - ask the likes of Linn, Meridian, Devialet about that!). I’ve spent may a year writing (& being frustrated) by control protocols.

The being said I’m very keen to help with anything I can be it iOS / Windows / Android CP testing. Audio end-point help (Raspberry PI / Beadlebone black running Linux (Or even Win10 for the PI) etc.

I’ve even some ideas on basic control point hardware - my wife loves the physical remote which my Devialet has & I’d be keen to get a Play / Pause / Stop + Cover Art in a physical remote for a paired room (Think simple Bluetooth remote) or even something like the old Pronto 9400.



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