This device is not compatible with version 2.0

Roon Core Machine

Windows 7 Pro 64x
Lenovo G50-70 w/Intel HD Graphics and SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

FritzBox 7590

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Trying to install Roon 2 but get the message this device is not compatible with version 2.0. I use old hardware and I’m aware that this issue was answered once. My question is: Is it really not possible to install Roon 2 (I want to use it only as remote for a Nucleus) on my old hardware w/Windows 7 Pro? Or is there a solution?

Hi @roon-user-tin.

Below a part of the Roon Help Center about Roon 2.0

Why stay on Roon 1.8 (Legacy)?

While we generally think you’ll have the best experience with Roon by running the latest version, we know that’s not always applicable to every situation. We can think of at least two reasons why you might choose to continue using Roon 1.8 instead of updating to Roon 2.0:

1. Unsupported Core device

Compared to Roon 1.8, the minimum recommended requirements for your Roon Core have changed. Roon 2.0 requires macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later, Windows 10 or later, any version of RoonOS, or any recent Linux release (back to approximately 2014).

If your Core or desktop remote(s) do not meet this minimum specification, they will be unable to run Roon 2.0. If you wish to run Roon 2.0 or later, you will need to update any computers that are below the minimum specification, prior to installing Roon 2.0.

Full read can be found here

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You need to upgrade to Windows 10 or 11.

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