"This directory appears to be empty"

Roon Core Machine

Mac OS X Catalina
Macbook Pro
2.6ghz Dual-Core Intel i5
8gb memory

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

Connected DAC

Number of Tracks in Library

100,000 (before error, see below – now 0 tracks)

Description of Issue

I’m encountering an error in my Roon Core for the first time today. None of my local files are available.

The folder in the storage menu shows this error: “This directory appears to be empty. Add some files or edit this folder if it’s been moved.”

I’ve tried renaming the directory to “refresh” the folder in storage. I’ve tried removing the folder and re-adding it. I’ve tried renaming the HDD volume from “Music” to “ROON.”

This is a Roon issue: I can access the folder like normal through Finder; I added music files in Plex with no problem (which I don’t usually do, just to isolate the problem to Roon).

Have you tried restoring a recent backup of Roon to see if that helps? Whst version of Roon are you running as your Core?

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