This is not a real trial

Hi Roon,

I’m sorry to say it but … what you’re offering isn’t a real trial.
Ok you want the credit card in advance (not nice, but it often happens).

But if you offering me 15 days of free trial, why do you have to cancel them immediately if I decide to cancel in advance the automatic renewal?

I ALWAYS prefer to cancel the automatic renewal and decide later if I want to buy or not. It never happened to me that this meant ending the trial period…

Good bye

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You might want to make sure it isn’t just a mistake first, @accounts may be able to help.

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AFAIK you can cancel upfront and the trial will continue for the 14 days. Further you will get an email 3 days before reminding you to cancel if you want complete with a link to the cancellation page and you then get a further 30 days after being billed to cancel for a full refund.

I don’t think there’s much more they can offer than that really…


Make sense but… Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way for me.

Hi @Lorenzo_Nutini,

Thanks for taking a moment to share your experience with Roon - I’m sorry it didn’t work out as you expected.

To clarify, when you cancel a free trial, the trial (and the access to Roon) ends immediately. However, @dannybgoode is right in that we email you 3 days before the trial expires. Also, according to our policy, yearly subscriptions are fully refundable within 30 days of the purchase.

If you still wanted to explore Roon and see if it is a good fit for you, please, let me know. I’d be happy to restart the free trial on your account.



@rebeka - thanks for the clarification :). I didn’t realise then when you hit the cancel button that ceased everything.

That said I was impressed to receive such a clear cancellation reminder complete with link. A lot of companies make it really quite hard to work out how to cancel a free trial but Roon seems not to. Didn’t matter for me as I paid up.

The hard part was deciding whether to go to a lifetime sub within 30 days. I didn’t and wish I had now as it’s clear that Roon is staying as the core of my system!

You are very welcome, @dannybgoode. I’m glad you brought it up :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback about our cancellation process - it’s always great to hear what we’re doing well and, just as valuable, to hear what we could be doing better.

Thank you for becoming a subscriber! It makes our day when we hear Roon working out so well for our users. As for the kind of subscription you have, when it comes to us, being a yearly subscriber is the best way to show your support: not only it provides a dependable revenue stream that keeps our business healthy, but, it also holds us accountable to deliver an amazing product year after year.


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I am also impressed with the email 3 days before the end of the trial with the link to cancel. i’m not going to cancel, but it was nice to see it was so easy. spotify doesn’t do that!


No, not a mistake. Its on purpose. Happened to me during one of my earlier trials as well.

Bad behaviour! In fact verynasty behaviour, Unsocial.

You have fully 44 days from pressing go on the trial to being able to cancel without it costing you a penny (albeit after 14 days you will get a refund assuming you cancel within 30 days of payment being taken).

They email you three days before the initial 14 days is up and provide a link directly to the cancellation page and make it utterly clear that payment is about to be taken and to click the link if you want to cancel also.

How can this be deemed nasty behaviour? It is far more generous and transparent than the way many companies behave in this scenario.


Because when I start a trial, ai dont read 20 pages of legals. I start and cancel to avoid being billed accidentally. The same what the Op did, and I am sure many others.

What normally happens: You get kicked after end of the trial.
What happens with Roon: You get kicked straight away as you press cancel.

I call that nasty. Should be brought in line with the market, whetever the maybe very generous other terms say.

It’s not 20 pages of legals though. It’s there in very plain English on the pricing page

Common Questions

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee during the first 30 days of your yearly subscription . You can contact us ( up to 30 days after a charge for a yearly subscription for a full refund. Note that there are no refunds for lifetime subscriptions.


I think the way Roon does this is perfectly fine. As consumers, we just need to pay attention to what we are doing. I suspect Roon does not want to give away a bunch of free 14 day trials to kids who don’t even have a credit card and have no intention of buying a subscription.


Indeed. Nor do they want to allow people to sign up for endless 14 day trials…


I totally agree with @bbrip .

If you offer to try a product for free, you cannot cancel the “trial” just because I don’t want to keep the automatic renewal flag on.

And in addition: When you cancel the renewal of the trial, there is no warning about the immediate cancellation of the trial itself (or at least I haven’t really seen it).

Roon I guess it’s a fantastic product but it doesn’t have the popularity of Netflix, Spotify or Prime video. I am sure it’s serious and loyal company BUT, I don’t want to risk forgetting to deactivate the trial and pay 1 full year of subscription.

I’m glad to know that before the trial expires there are many e-mail alerts but … they are two different topics. Two different user experience steps.

Don’t forget if you inadvertently forget to cancel the trial you get 30 days in which to get a full refund. This makes the chances of being out of pocket remote.


All good. I still dont usually read that. :joy::joy: I have a policy on trials which usually serves me well, as I play around with loads of software. Roon decided to handle things a bit differently, like other things as well, and thats ok.

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If I was concerned I would “forget” to cancel, I would write myself a note on my calendar. I do this with Tidal and Qobuz.


Conversely as I am an insurance underwriter by trade I tend to read everything. Reading T&C’s is basically my job (I know I am lucky, dont be jealous :D). I am that annoying person that reads through the whole of the DFS interest free credit agreement when buying a sofa :rofl:

ok, when I get legal stuff to read, I konw who m to send it to condense the essence. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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