This is not Vince Clarke

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Sorry but this picture is not Vince Clarke looks mor like Andy Bell to me.

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That’s definitely a very young Andy Bell.

But most pics of Vince Clarke in the last 30 years have been as Erasure with Andy Bell, so it’s understandable how a bot picked that photo for VC in error.

Nobody seems to have uploaded a photo of Vince to Valence. There are three of Erasure showing the two of them together, which have been rejected because Valence wants a solo photo…

Ive just uploaded three sets of pics please some one accept them.


Well, I’ve tried to review them, but Valence won’t let me see them - it insists that I can only see the “Wrong” images, or demands that I upload new images for him.

IMO, the UI flow of Valence is broken. @mike - can someone please investigate? Thanks.

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