This is stressing me out. I’m going to go listen to some music

I’m not a total fanboy. There are some things I don’t love. There are some obvious bugs. People are entitled to working software and to their opinions.

But honestly, I’ve really enjoyed this forum for the last few months since I discovered Roon. And the community has been fun and fascinating.

However… the last few days have made this really unpleasant. Flame, anger, rhetorical excess. I read, contributed some places, tried to add balance. But it’s not really sensible to. The angry mob has gathered. For my own personal sanity it’s not worth it to read. So I’m taking a bit of a break. I don’t expect to be missed, I don’t think any one person’s contributions make this place that much better… but it’s honestly turned what has been a feature of the software into a bug.

Wishing the team good luck over the coming days and weeks. This is a tough crowd, or at least contains some tough elements. Looking forward to listening to some fine music in the meantime!


The silver lining is that anyone with really serious issue in their lives wouldn’t get so nuts about all this. A seriously sick family member makes all of this seem so trivial. Glad to know so many folks have things so good that this qualifies as a crisis.


I’ve chosen to leave my comments as feature requests. I have my opinion about some of the changes and it seems more constructive to list them out and let users vote with their “hearts”.

Take care Johnny_Oooooops, these are not the easiest of times.

The new game in town is beating last weeks numbers. Using roon is almost a full time job.


I fell off the bike today and every person I told about it told me back to be happy, that it could have been even worse, I could break my head open or break a hand. None of them said that it could be better, not to fall at all for example…

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Road rash sucks, so do concussions. Sorry to hear that. Hope you get healed up fast.

O, thank you, it didn’t actually happened (-16C here and snow everywhere so no bike for me), I was just trying (not very successfully looks like, sorry, English is not my native language) to make a point that most of people are seeing the “be happy, it can be worse” instead of “be eve more happy, it can always be way much better too”.

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@Johnny_Ooooops Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I do agree with you.
I really like new version. I really like this forum. It is (intentionaly using present tense) a great forum. Sorry for my French: after every sh&t-storm there comes the sun again. People hate changes, our brain at first always act in „fight or flight” mode. This is called re-action. Then we take a deep breath and then we start with Answer. Answer to the problem is higher than fifght or flight brain activity.
We need to wait. People eventually stop reacting (really? 200 new posts in 24h where we had about 30-40 post per day before update?) and will start answering. We will adopt.

And once again I really enjoy new look and features. Right now I,m listening to great playlist „performing musing of… Pink Floyd”. This was found on my Home screen.

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I think theres an outbreak of nappy (diaper) rash going around in some of the other threads.

Definitely dummys (pacifiers for our American friends) being spat, and toys being thrown. Temper-tantrums being thrown!

I would have been sent to bed without my dinner if I acted like that when I was little.

Large order of Big-Boy pants required!! :grinning: