This is terrible!

So let me get this straight. Roon lets me browse my entire music collection, lets me see cover art and read about the artists, the albums and the tracks which may in turn inspire me to search for and play other albums or tracks.

This is terrible!!

How on earth am I going to convince THE BOSS that despite the fact that they’re nearly all ripped now I still need to have shelves full of CDs in the listening (ahem, living) room??

Answers on a postcard please…


AH, it’s all to do with acoustics. The CDs, because they all stick out by very slightly different amounts, act as a sound diffuser which minimises unwanted reflections to the listening spot. It is therefore a very clear and undisputed fact that their continued presence on the shelves is an essential component of the listening experience.

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Not to mention extreem copyright law states you must have the originals in the same room as your ripped libraray in case the ‘Music Police’ want to check up on you…ahem

Thanks @Chrislayeruk. Of course it would be grossly irresponsible of me to expose her to any copyright liabilities. I’d never be able to forgive myself…

So I showed your dilemma to my boss… and her first comment was how nice your radiator covers are!

Is that what they are? Judging from their position I thought those were the speakers!

They’re actually cunningly camouflaged Helmholtz resonators. :grinning:

OK, I lied. They are radiator covers really… :flushed:

…but I hope there is absorbant material behind the covers :smirk:

No way I could fit all my CDs in my listening room. I gave up and removed them, packed them in crates and never looked back. I try to avoid buying CDs wherever possible, buying FLAC instead.

I started down the computer audio path a long time ago.
For CD storage I use JewelSleeve to hold the CD and paper in five drawers. I never looked back.

I store my CDs and DVDs and BluRays in my cinema room, working as a “free” diffusor. Just arrange them sticking out more or less randomly does the trick :sunglasses:

This is one situation where the fact that Roon has no ability to read the sleeve notes comes in useful.

After I ripped all my CDs, I traded them all in for vinyl.

Gives you something new to place in the shelves.