This is the L-a-s-t S-t-r-a-w

I am playing Harpsichord Concerto No.5 In F Minor BWV1056: II Largo by Gustav Leonhardt

Over the speakers and what is showing in Roon playing is Hootie and the blow fish.

I don’t even use Roon much any longer and when I do it is frustrating and a disappointment.
Then what does this ridiculous Roon radio with its all knowing intelligence choose to play. Some drunken Knebel bar tune.

I am DONE with Roon!!!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: … sorry… but I find this rather humorous.


I can’t even use roon radio. For my taste in music it’s atrocious what it plays. I’m sure it’s great for some though.

Looking at your history, it would appear at least to me, your experience from day one with roon has been pretty awful. That’s unfortunate. 3yrs of non stop issues. Dunno, if it were me its definitely time to move onto something different/something that works within your environment and your chosen products. There are a lot of options that I’m sure will work much better for you. Good luck

Hootie transcends all musical genres and time. Hootie is music and music is Hootie! :rofl:


Sorry for the trouble here, @Paula_Dickerson! I’ve enabled diagnostics so we can take a look at what might have happened here.

Have you seen this issue outside of this instance?

‘This is the L-a-s-t S-t-r-a-w‘

Maybe, but the penultimate straw is when your library becomes corrupted and none of your backups are good.

It sounds like your in one Zone while music is playing via a different Zone, do you have a pic of your zones, can you test switching through each Zone real quick, here’s an example of my setup with music playing in 3 of my 4 zones, I can flip through each zone but all I can hear is the zone, Bedroom, I’m sitting right now, yet I can be looking at the music playing in my Kitchen, note that nothing is playing in the zone identified by the square


@Swisstrips - you are right I have looked for other alternatives. I continue to use Roon now maybe 1 hour a week.

I use Qobuz mobile and at home Quboz Bluetooth iPad -> Alexa. I have a nice main tube audio system with Aerial speakers, but the ease of using Alexa all over the house even though the sound quality is greatly lacking makes up 75% of my listening. Roon ends up being used maybe 15% a week or not at all. My investment in my DAC, UltraCap LPS1.2 and ultraRendu on my audio system make it difficult to cut Roon off.

@dylan - if I see the problem again will let you know. The speakers from the zone shown on the screen shots were playing different music than what Roon showed on the iPad.

Really!!!, I do try and love Roon and was a vocal advocate to friends when it came out. But now it’s like a software company I worked for at one time, We Developed global manufacturing software and cashed in followed by no technology updates. I was afraid this would the the result with Roon.

Finally I am frustrated when I select a Quboz album to play and it skips over most of the songs. Please fix this. Why do we have to keep asking for these bugs to be fixed. I have to resort to just using Quboz without Roon.

What makes your difficult experience different from the majority of others with no issues, is interesting. So many (potential) variables in place but its no fun when things are not working as they should.

I only use my large local library and continue to buy my music, so the internet streaming model doesn’t really come into play for me. I have used rendu’s and have all just worked. My current opticalRendu is great as well and just works.

If you are a huge classical user, I understand it is a different animal from other genre’s in so far as the tagging/meta data. It looks like support has reached out to you though and hopefully you can work through problem with their assistance.

I mostly use Quboz as I am always in search for new music.

It would be a nice feature to allow music added to your library from Quboz to be downloaded, but understandably still require a Quboz license to play it. This would help to some degree.

I believe my library would be considered somewhat large.

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