This made me think

When I was away staying in my brother’s holiday house in SW France we had to use his Soundcore Flare which is made by Anker.°-speaker/A3161011

We were quite frankly blown away by the little device. It sounds so good and has a nice deep bass. If you like a light show it offers that to. That aside it was quite amazing at how good this thing sounded and resolved anything we played through it, from Spotify or UAPP playing Tidal or Qobuz.

I will be buying one for the garden as it’s also reasonably waterproof. It sounds better than my Squeezbox Radio as well.

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This new devices are quite something. I have a Audio Pro A10 that I use with Spotify & Roon and they can deliver quite a beat. You do need to know that it is good for what it has been designed for.

Has you know with single speakers the downside is a reduced 3D imaging. 3D imaging will only happen when you have left and right speakers. There are some brands that allow you to pair 2 of the same devices and set it so that one gets the left signal and the other the right, allowing you to have stereo. Some other brands also allow for a subwoofer.

If you want to stay away from Sonos then Audio Pro or bluesound maybe a good option for you to look at, but not shore about being waterproof.

Have fun