This morning’s error - unwanted shuffle

Every morning I select an album from the discover screen; today my selection would not play, it cycled through its contents as if it was shuffling.
The problem was solved by rebooting, but it was strange as it occurred when I tried to select other albums.

Hi @stephen_pritchard1,

Generally, when this type of behavior occurs, it means that there was an issue getting the content to play. This could be a problem with Roon’s ability to push content to the endpoint, the Core being unable to load the album, a problem with the media itself, or even networking issues.

I’m glad that thins are working after a reboot for you. If you do see this behavior again, it would be good to know if this occurs for all endpoints and if it occurs for all media. Also, do you receive any errors?

Thanks for you quick response. On my Naim streamer it said there was a network problem, but all my other streamers were working ( but they are not Roon endpoints yet).

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