This new update “880” is awesome and dont say otherwise

Why are there so many people complaining about this new firmware. Roon team many thx for all the energy you put in this. Thumb Up👍

It is really a joy on my ipad air 4 to controll my other devices in my network. No buffering ore crashing what so ever


Maybe because some people have trouble with the update? Since then Roons not working anymore? Something like that? Maybe? Did you consider that?


have tried everything to get Roon to work, spent hours on this, hacking away as an amature. Changed folder to “old,” reloaded Roon, received “there was a problem loading the database” error message, etc. However I cannot even log into my account. Well, I am logging in as I receive the email, “Did you just log into your account?” But my screen just rolls back to the same blank sign in page. When I try finding my Core on this PC when attempting to start the Roon app, it also just keeps looping to "Start your subscription… Are these all the same problem with the latest 880 update? Thank you.