This song is not available in tidal

I got this error 2 times. I can play the track in tidal app but roon will say this song is not available tidal

I’m using innuos zenneth mk 3 as room core and connnect to Bricasti M3 Dac

Thx Sunny

Can you post the song details please?

You may be suffering from the same problem reported here

I cannot play this song yesterday

I can play that song (track 1), but tracks 3-6 on that album are marked as unavailable. What do you see?

Perhaps there is a geographical licensing issue?

Have similar problems.

I.e. 'Sweet Jane‘ from the Cowboy Junkies album ‘Trinity Session’.
Works ok from the Tidal app but not out of Roon.

Roon is skipping a lot of numbers, saying not available in tildal right now. Played them yesterday.
Works in tidal.
Tried logout, restart core, tidal login.
Not working
It is almost useless

Seem to be having the same issue. Started playing an album, third song said unavailable. Restarted playing the album. One by one the tracks started failing.

Can play the album in Tidal natively.

I have it a lot. The Tidal error. Song on tidal.

Please fix this ASAP.

Me too. Exact the same error, several times. Sometimes with tracks i’ve just played. Very annoying.

I am having this issue as well. The album obviously from lake street dive, “same old days” will not play. This is both from the mqa master version and the flac version. There are other stiffs doing this as well but this is repeatable

Same problem here in Switzerland. After rebooting ROCK it’s working for a few minutes. Then the issue starts again.

Hey all, thanks so much for your patience. Let’s keep the discussion in this thread, where I’ve posted an update: