This track is not currently available from Tidal - ESOTERIC


After my Roon was updated to latest version, since three days, I am not able to use Roon with Tidal.

There is an issue:
TIDAL: This track is not currently available from Tidal
Too manny failures. Stopping playback.

I have tried with different laptops, with iPhone, with four devices. I reinstalled Tidal and Roon few times,
and doesn’t work anyway.

Is there any chance, you will fix it?

Ruta Kanonowicz

You can fix this yourself most likely? Just log out of your Tidal account, and then log back in again. Does that help?

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Thanks Mikael,

I reinstall Tidal and Roon few times, and also log out and log back several times.

It doesn’t work … :frowning:

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Can you log in to Tidal outside of roon and play there?

Yes, sure. Tidal outside of Roon is working.

Hey @Ruta_Kanonowicz, can you confirm you’re not on TIDAL’s free tier? TIDAL doesn’t allow third parties to use their free tier, which means you can’t use it with Roon. You can check the status of your TIDAL subscription here:

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