"This track is not currently available" TIDAL error message

I’ve been on Google DNS the entire time.

moved my DAC (DS Junior) and the SonicTransporter (i5) to the router (from the switch)

Could you explain what you mean by this?

I changed to Google DNS about 12 months ago and have had very few Tidal issues since then. I think it can help in some cases, but one of the problematic things about network issues is that there are sometimes multiple sufficient causes.

you can add other DNS entries in the ROCK admin page… just use a space between addresses - I use 3 on mine…one is my gateway/router address and 2 others prodded by my ISP, but googles fee DNS’s are ok too…another Google one is

I originally had the DAC and music server – along with 3 wifi access points (ubiquiti) – all connected to the same switch (Cisco ToughSwitch), which was connected to the router. Roon support suggested I try moving the DAC and server to empty ports on the router, and leaving the access points connected to the switch.

I just wanted to throw this in here because it might be helpful. I recently had an issue where Roon was telling me that a file from my NAS was loading slowly, but it was apparently the end point pushing back and slowing things down. I had seen an error or two using TIDAL shortly before that, but I can’t say that they were related.

Either way, perhaps this is something nobody has yet looked into that might be worth thinking about. Here’s a bit more detail: “FILE LOADING SLOWLY” message constantly

Unfortunately I now add my name to this thread as had issues with Roon and Tidal last night.
When moving to another track on an album or a playlist it just stopped playing .
Also when starting to play an album it sometimes took around 20 seconds for the music to start playing.
I was using the USB input too so even more worrying for me. It especially did not like long playlists, for eg a Tidal playlist had around 90 tracks. I hit shuffle play as I usually do and the tracks took ages to start. Some even stopped.
I have restarted my router and Core last night so i will see how things go today.
For me this is a huge disappointment as i am trialing Roon and I love the interface and user experience, but last night was so bad I could not listen to music.

Until the last software update, the first track skip was happening constantly with my study rig and very often with my den rig (rigs listed below). This was after many SonicTransporter and wifi reboots and a couple Roon software updates.

However, since installing build 306 - looks like 12 days ago - I have not experienced this problem. Not once. I figured Roon had fixed it in 306 even though it was not mentioned in the Release Notes until I saw further activity in this thread. No other changes were made in my system except for adding some Tidal albums.

Currently, the only problems I’m having are videos not playing while Roon is up on the same PC and the Windows 10 display issue (as a workaround, I’ve enlarged the window to just less than maximized so it remains visible).

Sorry I’m no help other than to say there is hope…

Study: Roon controller (SB6183-Cat7-Orbi-Cat7-PCWindows7) * Roon System (Orbi-Cat7-Sonictransporter i5-WWStarlight7-usb3.0 library) * Bryston bdp-1 (ST5-Cat7) * Bryston bda-1 (BNC) * Rogue Cronus Magnum ii * PSA Dectet * MIT Shotgun3 ic&sc * Sennheiser HD600 / LSA-1 Statement

Den: Roon Controller (OrbiWifi-Windows10 laptop) * Sonore UltraRendu (Orbi-Cat7, LPS-1ps) * Wireworld Plat7 * isoRegen (LPS-1) * Lush usb * Chord QuteEX (Pardo ps) * Rega RP6 (mods) * AT33PTGII * Parks Budgie SUT * Jolida jd9 (mods) * Joule-Electra LA-100 iii * Sunfire Signature II * PSAudio p3 * MIT Shotgun3 * Bottlehead Crack * DT-990(600) * Polk SDA SRS 1.2 (mods, Dreadnought)

For what it’s worth, I have not experienced this problem much this past week. Perhaps not at all. I know we played music for hours and hours this weekend and didn’t experience the problem. Mayyyybe it happened one time while I wasn’t at my computer. playback skipped to the next track for some reason, but by the time I walked over to my computer (Roon remote), I couldn’t see the error message> Maybe it came and went. The only issue I did experience this last week was Random Popping Sounds (Random popping noises on Tidal tracks) during a few tracks, but when I listened to those same tracks later in the day, there was no problem. I am engaged on that issue in a separate thread.

I think Roon needs to build in some rudimentary troubleshooting capabilities for streaming services. In other words, History shouldn’t just tell us what song was played and what % complete. It should state the action or event that ended the song - i.e. the error message, “next” click, or just went on to next song naturally…


I am happy to report (knock on wood!) that I did not encounter this use this past weekend. Not even once.

I have not experienced this problem much

Now that you mention it, me neither. Let’s hope it sticks.

on 3/18 I had terrible problems with File Loading Slowly (off my USB outboard drive) and Track Not Available at this Time.
Did reboots of computer, switch, router, DAC, etc. to no avail. Internet connection was >20MB/s.
Yesterday 3/19 I had two hours of great listening with no problems, music from local drives and streaming.

FWIW I have started having the same problems, however I haven’t have sufficient incidents to eliminate, or attempt to identify, the cause.


Got this error after the latest update, after troubleshooting I found out that roon had turned on the dsp engine when updating, I have had this turned off the whole time before. Disabled the dsp eginge, now its stable again, had a song that failed somewhat regularly, Sweet Angel on the new Hendrix album, now it plays without stopping.
So my two cents, disable the dsp, and to Roon, fix the dsp…

Yup, not one single fault after turning off the dsp, consistently failing before.
Will report back if I experience new faults, but are convinced. Running w10 on a Intel i5 lenovo m93p, probably not enough cpu power to run the dsp?

Hi Eric!
Forget dns, network congestin and tidal accounts. Turning off the dsp fixed the problem!

I was to fast, the problem came back today, also with the dsp engine completely off!!

And I was so proud that I had found the problem…

The only other difference I can see is that my girfriend and I are both working from home, so the network is more utilized than normal.

Add me to list. Having problem for a while and lurking here for solution. Every listening session starts out good, then after an hour or so tracks start sputtering, stopping, and advancing to next track. Once it starts, it happens on every track. I switch to my networked hard drive and start getting file loading slowly error. Am concerned nothing from Roon in 2 weeks on this.

Unfortunately I saw this last post of you coming…

Same problem today, now also without sharing my cabled network with homeoffice pc´s or other stuff… Speedtest shows 75mbps.
This is starting to be annoying!