Thoughts on purchasing from GeekNUC

Anyone have any experience with GeekNUC? Right now you can get a nuc11 i5 for $309 with coupon. Great deal but they seem a little too pushy when you contact them which is a bit of a red flag so I thought I would reach out. Thanks. Jon

Well, if you are getting one and using Windows and RoonServer then go for it.

If you want to use ROCK then, you need to make sure it is really compatible. ROCK is built using only the drivers for the motherboards of the specified Intel NUC models; and there is no way to load alternate drivers for different components, like network chips etc.

And, technically, Roon only supports ROCK on the specified hardware for just this reason. You will be running ROCK on hardware Roon has not tested and will never test against.

Personally, I am waiting and will get whatever Asus( I am assuming since Intel announced they are getting the NUC nod) mini PC Roon is going to specify for ROCK.

They said the model number was NUC11PAHi5 so it should be fine for ROCK which was the intended use. I was more concerned as to whether it was a trustworthy site as I cant seem to find any reviews of their business.

Some info here:

Thanks Anthony. Seems like the reviews are mixed. Not clear where one should purchase as I also heard negative things of Newegg.

Newegg is mixed. I’ve had good experiences with them some years ago, but once supply chain issues arose during COVID, they became flaky, and I stopped using them.