Thoughts on running Roon Core on a PC that is also an output?

I currently have my Roon Core running on a QNAP NAS (Celeron CPU with 2gb RAM). It’s works fine, though i do sometimes notice some lag/slowness. My primary endpoint is a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 i5 with 8gb RAM. I’ve been thinking about making the Surface my Roon Core. My music files would still be stored on the QNAP, which is hardwired to gigabit Gigbit LAN.

Thoughts? How bad is it to have Core running on my main endpoint?


not a good idea if the surface is connected via wifi…if its all wired then maybe ok.

It is all hardwired.

I see a ROCK in your future Edward …

In the meantime this page will help with maximising SQ on a single computer Core/Output. I’d be interested in what you thought after trying it.

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Thanks for that article link @andybob ! Good info in the event I do try putting everything on the one PC.

If I had the cash, I’d grab a NUC for my Core and install ROCK in a heartbeat.Someday for sure though… I’ve got my eye on an upgrade to my surround speakers first. :grin: