Thoughts on translating commercial content

Hi fellow translators and Roonies!
I am a bit ambivalent when it comes to translating commercial sales-talk, such as the “information” on Audeze’s different cans and in ears. The texts appear in a list of presets in the DSP module of Roon along with piccies of the 'phones…

While i hold no grudge against Audeze in particular, i still fail to feel any loyalty that would encourage me to translate their sales talk for them. (Or Devialet, or HQPlayer etc.)

Therefore, i have so far simply copied the English texts in those situations.

It would be nice to see a public statement from the Roon Team as well as thoughts from other translators?


Mikael, I am with you. I have never been motivated neither felt legitimate to translate the pitch of companies like Audeze within the app. Kept hitting “skip” when proposed one for translation :slight_smile: For me the Roon app is not the place for such publicity. A technical description of the devices and a link to website could suffice. Just my view.