Three MAC System - Set Up Help


I know it’s my fault but I can’t find the answer …

I have three instances of Roon running on three different Macs on the same network.

One has the audio files on a Thunderbolt attached disk.

The second has the DAC attached via USB and I have connected it to the library on the first.

I want to use the third to control playback on the second.

But when I look at the settings on the second it shows the DAC as private
and clearly I cannot see it on the third.
Also I don’t see a tab in the settings of the second for accepting connections from remotes.

Please could someone tell me what to set where …?


You have to wait for the RoonSpeakers app.

Hmmm …
… I’m sure that when I installed the first release of Roon I was able to do this.
So this functionality was removed in later releases …?

No, I’m pretty sure you couldn’t. You could control the output of the second from the second only.

  • All remotes can control all the zones coming out of the server, be they USB or Meridian LAN endpoints etc.
  • All zones coming from remote instances of Roon are “private zones” not visible except from that installation.

This will only change once RoonSpeakers is released. I believe that’ll be along in a few months.

What you can do on Macs is Screen Share, and this allows you to control the second ‘remote’ Mac. Almost as slick, but it is basically a remote desktop connection, so some stuttering or lag could be expected.


Thanks, and yes that’s the work around that I’ve been using but as you point out it’s not very smooth
and doesn’t look ‘cool’ when I show off Roon to my family & friends :frowning:

I must have mis-remembered being able to remote control the remote in the first release …


Mike, can you move the Roon core to the machine you want to control remotely?
i.e. run RoonServer on that one

I think you can control a zone attached to the Roonserver by remote. So, until RoonSpeakers is released this might work for you.

Hi Nick, Sadly not. I’ll continue to ‘limp along’ with the screen sharing ‘solution’ until RoonSpeakers is released. Mike