Three times “Ô-celli” artist but it’s the same group

There are three “Ô-celli” in Roon, but it’s the same group.

In Qobuz they have two albums: “Dances” and “The Sunnyside of Ô-celli“.

Just to add to this.

I see duplicate artists all the time. This is not equivalents where the artist spelling or name is completely different. But as in this case where spelling is identical. It causes a lot of problems in various search screens for example. Albums will be linked to one version of the artist but not another. In a very unsystematic way I usually merge these artists when I come across them. But I never know to which one so I usually choose the one with the most bio, or a picture or the most albums.

Is there a way of being more systematic about this? Catching this beforehand during roon’s upload processes would be ideal, but in the absence of that is there a way of listing duplicates so they can be dealt with manually in a more systematic way?

Hi @jmvdv,

Can you share screenshots of what you’re seeing in Roon?