Thumbnail in Albums view isn't shown on remote Roon app

I’ve noticed several times in recent days that if I add an album in Qobuz (not sure about Tidal) to my library, the Albums view in the remote Roon app/client is grey:

On the system where Roon core is running (Windows10 Pro x64), however, the Roon app shows the thumbnail correctly.

If I restart the app on the remote system, the thumbnail does show on the app. A glitch, to be sure.

Hi @James_Antognini,

How often does this behavior occur? Is there any change in behavior if you go to Roon Settings -> Setup -> Clear Image Cache -> Clear Cache?

It occurs intermittently. I just deleted the album from my library, made the Settings change and re-added the album. No problem this time. But since the issue had been intermittent, one success is not probative. I’ll let you know if I see the problem again.

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It’s baaackkkk:

Hi @James_Antognini,

What are the specifications of your Core machine? How much RAM/processing power does it have?

Is there any change if you clear out the image cache?

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