Thumbnails to big - Allow half or quarter of the size

If somebody has a thousand of artists and several thousands of albums, browsing the library might be quite boring. Actually it is boring.

The thumbnails are quite big. Using a 24 inch screen, it shows me 5 or 6 big fat thumbnails.
Even on the smartphone the thumbnails are too big and the scrolling is annoying thing.

Please add an option, that the user can setup the size of the thumbnails: 100, 75 and 50 percent would be great. This would give a more compact view of the artists and albums.


There is already this in Settings. Just a switch though with no fine adjustment.


Yep, if you active the “Allow for more covers and photos” in settings/general it goes from 6 covers wide to 10 covers wide on my 24" monitor and from 9 covers to 14 covers on my 27 inch monitor. This is with teh Roon screen maximized BTW, YMMV …


i wasn’t able to connect “Allow for more covers and photos” with this functionality.

It’s looking great on my PC by having at least 8 to 9 thumbnails in row.

Unfortunately the android app doesn’t offer this functionality. It shows 2 thumbnails, 3 or 4 would be possible. I think, a feature request for this functionality for a Smartphoe makes still sense.

Thanks for the help.