Thumbs up/down or 'Why did you skip?' in iOS?

I’m no longer being prompted to register why I skipped a track in iOS 1.8 client, nor is there any obvious thumbs/up down that I can see. I have a…contentious…relationship with Roon Radio most days, and being able to record why I skipped a track in the hopes of improving things is important to me. Was this functionality removed, or am I just missing it…?

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Anyone? From what I can see this still exists in Android but it does not appear to be available on my iPhone.

Hi Brendan,

I see where I’m asked why I skipped when using my iPad, but not with my iPhone.

Was it working with your iPhone in 1.7?

Cheers, Greg

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It worked with my iPhone in 1.7 with one quirk: it would never ask me the first time I skipped after Radio kicked in. On the second skip, it would ask me…and I could go back to the song I skipped and RESKIP and I would then be asked the second time. I’m not prompted at all in 1.8, nor do I see any place where I can go in and thumbs up/down a track.