Thumbs Up for 3 Roon Compatible DAC/Streamers

Just to give feedback to anyone interested in knowing what DAC/Streamers work really well with ROON from someone who has experience with a few I thought I would give my list of three I highly recommend based on first hand experience. I have have used each one for months and months now and have not come across any issues. They are all in different rooms and set up with different components so I cannot say which DAC’s sound I prefer except to say I am very satisfied with all three and have no regrets or wishes to try any other DAC.

Auralic Vega G1 - works amazing. Easily configures itself, finds the core and all my files. Sounds amazing in my system. Works really well with Tidal. I like the fact that I can view the art work and how far along in the song I am from across the room. This can also be shut off if one wants to but I find it very helpful.

TEAC NT-505 - again another amazing sounding unit. It did not configure itself as easily as the Auralic due to having to go and updated firmware and drivers which the process was a little confusing, but once I read through a couple times and looked on line for some help files it went smoothly. Once updated everything went through nicely and the sound is great. Works really well with Tidal. I am using it to control the volume on my integrated amplifier I have it hooked up to and really appreciate this feature.

Bryston BDA-3 - Can’t say enough about this DAC other than you need a streamer for it to work with ROON. I love how flexible it is with the amount of connection in the rear. I use the HDMI with my OPPO and can play SACDs natively when not streaming through ROON or Tidal. I am using a Sonore MicroRendu as my streamer which means more cabling than the other two and an after market power supply for the MicroRendu, which makes this the most expensive of the three to set up as a DAC/Streamer.

For a really reasonably priced set up you cannot beat the TEAC. For ease of use right out of the box you can’t beat the Auaralic and for flexibility in terms of how much you can hook-up and also play SACDs through the DAC you can’t beat the Bryston. Each has their strong points and I recommend anyone of them. All three create a wonderfully detailed sound, no digital fatigue, wonderful sound stage both wide and deep and dig deep into the bass regions. I would say the Auralic might go a little deeper than the TEAC and Bryston and the TEAC and Brystons top end might be a little bit smoother.


The BDA-3.14 is the same DAC with streaming built in. You don’t need the MicroRendu.

I’ve been a user of the Teac NT-505 for a while, and it’s implementation of Roon Readiness is excellent. It is a remarkably capable little box that flies under the radar of many potential users. Perhaps because the brand name lacks the kudos of other similarly specified products. But using and listening to one is a joy, and it’s use is simplicity itself once it has been updated.

I’ve become quite a fan of the Lumin series DAC/Streamers. D1/D2/A1/T2/S1/X1


They might have something in common with the NT-505! :slightly_smiling_face:

Lumin D2, Lumin T2 and Lumin X1.
Simple,Reliable, Great support & good price to performance ratio compared to the dac’s streamers in its respective class

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