[Ticket In] B1321/B1310 Selection issues and crashes in Tags

Can’t be sure if just in EA or also in production, so posting this here:

I can repro this in all of My Tags, apparently regardless of whether a tag contains just album tags or mixed album and track tags.

  1. Go to a Tag in My Stuff, don’t select anything in the tag.
  2. On Mac, press Cmd + A to select all (just like it works in other views, such as My Albums)
    → Nothing gets selected
  3. On Mac, select the first item with a long click to start multi-selection. “1 selected” appears top left as usual. Then press Cmd+A for select all.
    → The selection does not get expanded.
  4. On Mac or mobile, select the first item with a long click to start multi-selection.
    → “1 selected” appears top left again, as usual. However, this is usually a menu, but is not a menu here; you can’t open it to choose “Select All”, which is the only option to select all on mobile.
  5. On Mac, select the first item with a long click to start multi-selection. Now hold Shift and click the last item.
    → This way, you can select all, regardless of whether the tagged items are albums or tracks. Compare the next repro …

This, I can only repro if the tag contains albums and tracks

  1. On Mac or mobile, go to a Tag in My Stuff that contains album tags and track tags. Select an album to start multi-selection
  2. On Mac or mobile, add additional items to the selection by clicking them
    → This works if you click additional albums. However, if you click tagged tracks to add them to the selection, it deselects all albums that you had added to the selection. Conversely, if you start the selection with a track, you can only add additional tracks, not albums. So, it seems like the items in the multi-selection must be of one type. (This isn’t great because it would be nice to make bulk tag changes regardless of type)
  3. On Mac only, start the selection with a long-click on the first item and do a Shift+Click on the last item to select all. This selection now contains albums and tracks, i.e., you now have a selection of different types that it does not let you create in another way. (Note that on mobile you can’t create such a selection because 1) the Select All menu is not working as per the first reproduction and 2) you can’t add mixed tags to a multi-selection by tapping them).
  4. On Mac, click the Edit button for the multiselection (of albums and tracks) > Add to Tag.
    → The Roon app crashes. (There is no macOS error message)

Note: I did not test either repro with other mixed tags, just album and track tags, but @Rugby filled the holes in the post below - thank you!

Edit: To add, when I say “mobile”, I tested on Android phone, not on Android tablet, iPhone, or iPad. The selection logic is the same on all mobiles (i.e., no range selection with a Shift equivalent, no keyboard shortcut to select all), so I expect same behavior on all mobiles.

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To further add to this, from a Windows based perspective. Windows RoonServer.

Everything in the top section works under Windows.

On the tags with multiple types, my testing include a tag with Albums, Tracks, Compositions, Composers, Artists, Tag, and Genre.

  1. For Point 2 in the Tags with multiple object types: Singular selection only allows for the selecting of the same object type, if you start with a Composition you can only select other Compositions.

  2. For Point 3, this works except in the case of Genres. The count indicates the Genre is selected, however, there is no visual indicator in terms of being highlighted, see…

  1. Attempting to Add all to another Tag also crashes the Windows Client to desktop with no error message.

Note: I did test all of the above using a Tag containing Albums, Tracks, Compositions, Artist, Genre and another Tag.

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Thanks, @Suedkiez, @Rugby, @oleksandr is going to take a look.


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Hello @Suedkiez !

Thanks for reporting this issue.

Let me inform you that multi-selection with “cmd+a” (or ctrl+a) and “shift + a” shouldn’t work on a tag details page.
Nevertheless, I was able to reproduce the crash from the 4th point and I have already created a ticket for our developers.

Thanks again!



It’s a bit inconsistent if it works in most places but seemingly arbitrarily not in some that don’t look fundamentally different. (Like I can Ctrl+A all albums in My Albums but not in a Tag even if it contains only albums).

IMHO this should ideally work, but if it doesn’t then it looks like a bug if there isn’t any feedback. Maybe it could say something if one tries, at least.

Like when you are in My Albums and press keyboard keys to jump to an album, it also shows a popup that this isn’t possible if you are not on the right sort order

The #4 crash is still in B1362