"ticking" sound, at least when playing dsf files

Confirmed by switching back and forth between my mac mini roon bridge and the roopiee system

  • there is a ticking throughout playback on the roopiee and not the mac mini.
    Maybe 2 or 3 ticks a second.
    Any thoughts on what could be causing this and how to fix it?

Perhaps something in your digital chain isn’t fast enough. That should cause ticks. So, the usual questions: how are the Mini and the Pi connected to the Core? WiFi or Ethernet? Is the Mini also running the core? How are the Mini and the Pi connected to your audio system?

What’s your setup?

imac (roon core) -> ethernet -> macmini (roon bridge) -> usb -> holospring audio dac
imac (roon core) -> ethernet -> rasptouch running ropieee -> HDMI i2s -> holospring audio dac

Hmmm, I thought RoPieee disabled HDMI. Are you using a hat with the PiTouch?

I’m confused. If you’re using a DAC hat on your Pi, how does the Holospring DAC come into the picture? It doesn’t have analog inputs, as far as I can see.

Hmm, The Holospring is being used as my DAC. I’m sending it digital output via the HDMI I2S. Using that HAT seems to be doing the job but perhaps I’ve got things configured incorrectly?
I.e. I’m playing music etc but occasionally run into problems (like the dsf creating clicking noises…)

That’s not possible. RoPieee disables HDMI

HDMI cable from the rasptouch to the holospring, rasptouch playing a track to the holospring, and holospring on i2s source setting receiving at DSD64

Ah ok. I2S output.
I don’t know that the device. Which version are you running?

I updated as it suggested to v 383 and the ticking is gone. Sorry for the false alarm…


Alas the ticking is back when I play dsd content. Not sure why it went away before. Seems to tick maybe twice a second, constantly “tick tick tick tick tick” forever… Not overly noticeable during music playback but certainly say at the end of a track when the music gets quiet.

What’s your hardware config? Which kinda Pi?

imac (roon core) -> ethernet -> rasptouch running ropieeexl -> HDMI i2s -> holospring audio dac
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.3
ropieexl 2.428

No thoughts?

Can you send feedback after it happens again?

Reading the topic I jump in. Perhaps there’s a link I don’t know
I’m also hearing Ticks when Playing some DSD music via my DAC. ( not all the time but in some parts of some songs) I don’t hear these Ticks when I convert DSD to PCM via Roon using the same DAC.
I wasn’t thinking about Ropiee being the problem but more that my DSD files are a bit corrupted ?
Perhaps when converting DSD to FLAC via Roon there’s some sort of error correction ?
I have the original SACD, It’s on my to do list to rip them again to see if that makes a difference.


It seems to be always happening.
Playing from roon to roopieexl
All songs, all the time.
Music plays fine (so no corruption) but a steady quiet tick at about 2 per second throughout all playback of all songs.
I can try other file types etc but certainly repeatable with some of them.

I’m more thinking in the line that your DAC has issues with DSD in general.

Have you tried converting PCM to DSD via Roon? And this time some music from which you know it is fine in PCM?