Ticks Between Tracks In ALAC Files From SACD [Ticket In]

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

macOS Mojave, version 10.14.6, MacBook Pro (13-inch, mid 2012), 2.5 GHz intel Core i5, 16 GB RAM, Roon version 1.7 (build 528)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)


Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 USB

Description Of Issue

This may seem like an obscure issue, but here it goes. I have a ton of 88.2/24 bit ALAC files from SACD. When playing in Roon there are occasional ticks between the tracks, however, when I play these same ALAC files in iTunes ( there’s no tick, the tracks play perfectly. These are the exact same files (Roon and iTunes share my library). How is it possible that iTunes plays these flawlessly and Roon doesn’t? I’d be happy to share some files for you to investigate.

It’s possible that Roon isn’t sending a signal to the DAC when switching between tracks.This causes some DACs to pop.

Hi @Neil_Bulk,

Does this issue occur for all endpoints or only the USB DAC mentioned above? If you play to System Output does this still occur?

Yes, it occurs there, too. I also hear the ticks when using my Oppo UDP-203 or Chromecast Audio as endpoints. In many cases this is an artifact rom SACD extraction. It’s just weird that they’re not audible when played in iTunes.

Hi @Neil_Bulk,

Can you please upload a sample set of files to Dropbox / Google Drive and send it to me via private message? Thanks!

I’ll send shortly. Some more details…

When I have roon in “Exclusive Mode” I hear the ticks in roon and iTunes. When roon is not in this mode I hear the ticks in roon but not in iTunes.


Outside of exclusive mode, most Apple hardware and/or iTunes software resamples all audio to some predetermined system rate – most likely, 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz.


Thanks for sending the files over @Neil_Bulk, I have forwarded them to QA for closer analysis into this behavior. Once I hear back, I will reach out once more.

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Hello @Neil_Bulk,

I wanted to touch base with some good news, which is that our technical team has been able to reproduce this behavior and we’ve opened up a bug report with our developers.

While I can’t say for certain when this bug will be fixed, getting things reproduced in-house is a critical first step, and I will keep this thread up to date as the team passes along feedback and work begins to get this resolved. Thanks again for the report!

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